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I'm available for hire as a consultant. Here are some of the things I can do for your company:

I have experience with an array of languages, notably Go, Javascript, Python, Bash, PHP. I've maintained API clients in more languages than that. Here's my resume. Here's a list of talks that I've given, with links to video.

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A typical contract is for 1 month of work. I am normally booked 1 to 3 months in advance.

I'm open to shorter contracts, but prefer longer ones. For a shorter contract, we'll divide my monthly rate by the number of days you want, and add a small amount of overhead.

Please note that work will be conducted in accordance with my ethics policy.

Previous Engagements


Built a billing pipeline to help Segment account for its AWS costs. Built an admin dashboard with fine-grained permissions for viewing data about accounts.

Company in the Healthcare space

Reduced runtime of a Ruby on Rails test suite from 35-40 minutes to 16-18 minutes. Upgraded Rails several minor versions.

A Twilio customer

Built Logrole, an extremely fast, fine-grained Twilio log viewer, in a one month engagement.

Ngrok LLC

Feature development and improving the testing/local development infrastructure.

Otto Smart Lock

Massively improved the team's velocity and ability to identify and fix errors, and deploy them to production. Rewrote two unmaintained C servers in Go. Transitioned server-side software stack from physical machines to AWS.

Code reviewed, identified, fixed, and shipped features for a Node.JS app serving the Otto API. Added several libraries to improve team velocity, ease testing and standardize the codebase.

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