2017 Donations

A lot of my success as a consultant comes from the community. I'd like to give back and support the groups and causes that helped me earn a livelihood.

I was on pace for a record year, but I just learned I'm not getting paid for work I did in October or November due to some very selfish decisions on behalf of management at the company I was working with.

How much to give? I follow the recommendations from The Life You Can Save. I use my pretax income, since most of my charitable donations are tax deductible.

Note I also make donations as a private citizen, so only some of the donations I made this year are listed here.

Please tell me how to give you money

In several cases I wanted to give away money and I couldn't figure out how. It was too difficult to assess an organization's funding situation and figure out how to donate money; many projects and groups that (I assume) would appreciate more money didn't explain how to donate, or what they would do with more money.

At the very least, please add the following to your README:

  1. Do you need or want more money?
  2. What would you do with more money?
  3. How can I give money to you?

At the very least, suggest sending money to a Paypal address; it's not tax deductible, but it's easy for people to give to you.